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What is Energy Healing

Energy fields have been used for healing since ancient times.

This is because chakras are not only portals through which cosmic life power can enter and leave the body but they also act as energy stores. They function as focal points from which this energy can be intelligently channeled.

The chance of both physical and mental sickness is decreased by maintaining the flow in your chakra balance. When you have an imbalance you may experience bodily discomfort, having health problems as well as having uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety. Many external and internal factors may cause the chakras to get out of balance.

By tapping into your energy field, I see your unique energy pattern as your chakras appears to me in an image form. As I am guided, I will work on each chakra, restoring it to its beautiful original state by working on any imbalances that appear in front of me.

Once that is done, I ensure that each chakra is connected and that the flow of each point is open to receive from both the Galactic star as well as the Earth star.

These sessions are done remotely via Zoom and you may relax in the comfort of your own home as I work on restoring your beautiful energy flow.

1-Hour Session: $111 (via PayPal)

SA Residents -Please contact me for local pricing and payments

As with any energy work, allowance is key. Whilst I create the environment it is up to each client to be responsive and open to receive the energy exchange.

Discovery Key Experience

The purpose of this session is to assist you in recognizing and embracing your own power, enabling you to step into it through conscious choice.

Through the Discovery Key Experience (DKE) you step into your heightened perception by creating your own experience through familiar entry keys. This then creates your own Access Key into your imagination or full awareness (neutral perspective).

This Access Key is a convergence point of all timelines into one initiation sequence.

In practical terms this Access Key is integrated into a single word that you will receive through this session.

This designated word functions as a keyword, streamlining the extensive process found in other induction methods utilized to induce the theta state. Instead, it establishes an immediate access state for communicating with Source.

Your unique Keyword or Access Key creates a space to allow yourself to reach clear Source Communication (if you choose to further develop your integration of the Quantum Field through Neutral Perspective). Integration of your Keyword, is like exercising a muscle - the more you exercise using it, the stronger it becomes - creating clearer and stronger Source Communication.

The Discovery Key Experience is an empowering one-on-one meditation designed to provide guidance for any questions you may have on your personal journey.

It is important to keep in mind that we each progress at our own pace, and the incorporation of the Access Key occurs through your personal willingness and permission to open up for receiving communication. Consequently, the entire DKE session will be recorded to further cultivate your willingness and permission. Receiving communication, whether consciously or in the theta state, is not contingent on the depth of theta, relaxation, or trance; rather, it is dependent on the level of allowance.
This level of allowance will bring you into conscious awareness that we are in constant communication in every moment.

These sessions are done remotely via Zoom and you may relax in the comfort of your own home while I facilitate the session.

1-Hour Session: $111

SA Residents -Please contact me for local pricing and payments

Quantum Shift Exploration

This 90-min session is aimed to dive into your challenges that you are facing in life and to discuss the QSE process with you.

During this session you will also learn the tools and techniques of integration as taught through the Reality Creation Process Course.

*Session 2 and 3 will be booked after this session

This is one of the most powerful journeys you can embark on to connect, discover and create your dream life.

This transformative experience comprises 3 sessions.

Session 1: Understanding Integration and Creating your Dream Life through Choices

*Duration 90 Min*

In this session, we will explore the significance of integration as opposed to simply "letting go" of traumatic events in your life. The tools we'll delve into are rooted in the principles and techniques taught through the Reality Creation Process. This session holds particular importance as it equips you to effectively manage the downloads you'll receive in the subsequent QSE session.

Session 2: Discussion of questions for the QSE session and immersing into a Discovery Key Experience

*Duration 2 Hours*

During this session we will discuss your questions you wish to pose during your Quantum Exploration Session.
Following this discussion, I will then lead you into your Discovery Key Experience. This is a deep meditative state where you will obtain your distinctive access key, crucial for your forthcoming theta experience. If you require additional details about the DKE session, please refer to the section above titled "Discovery Key Experience".

Session 3: The Quantum Shift Exploration Session

*Duration 3 Hours*

This session entails aligning with and exploring Source Self Communication while in the theta state. By adopting the perspective of Source Self or Neutrality, we gain awareness to transform experiences within our reality.
It is the first step into furthering your exploration to help you create the shift in perception, into knowing that you can create and shift anything with this beautiful Unconditional aspect within you.

Your Source Self, representing heightened perception and the architect of your reality, becomes a powerful tool when fully integrated. This complete and unconditional aspect within you, directs your energy naturally toward experiences aligned with your deepest desires.

The Quantum Shift Exploration and Discovery Key Experience are techniques graciously shared by our Galactic Soul Family, the Pleiadeans. Through communication with them during relaxed states in the theta/gamma frequency, as well as in previous exploration and Light Language/Sound Code sessions, they introduced this technique to help us remember our true selves.

These sessions are done remotely via Zoom and you may relax in the comfort of your own home while I facilitate the session.

Total Package Price: $555

SA Residents -Please contact me for local pricing and payments

Meet me...

Hi there, my name is Estelle and I am super happy that you found me here.

I am a Quantum Energy Healer and qualified DKE and QSE facilitator.

I am based in Cape Town, South Africa, but I facilitate sessions for clients all over the world.

I have always been fascinated by the profound creative power inherent in humans. While studying hypnotherapy, my awareness expanded to the quantum field and the profound healing potential offered by our Source Self. Undergoing a QSE session myself, particularly in dealing with the passing of my son, provided me with immense healing. It became clear to me that this approach is a transformative way to assist individuals on their unique journeys.
I firmly believe each person has to experience this amazing journey into exploring their true purpose here on earth and it is my highest excitement to go on this journey with my clients.

Having a passion for helping people, it was a natural approach to also include energy healing in my work.

This led me on a quest for knowledge and guidance through various spiritual traditions, ancient wisdom, and modern scientific insights.

I have started my healing work as a Reiki facilitator, and soon after discovered that my energy flow is also guided by the Pleiadeans and other beautiful Galactic beings.

I believe that helping people through this beautiful gift is the embodiment of my life's purpose.

Whether I assist my clients with emotional or physical healing, I desire
to create a positive and meaningful impact on their lives.

Sharing happiness - one session at a time


Estelle is an absolutely amazing Energy Flow Activation practitioner. She is kind and compassionate and absolutely loves what she does. She has helped me so much over the last year, balancing, clearing and expanding my chakras and restoring my energy flow for me to find my joy and creativity again and to find my purpose in life.

She is also a qualified QSE facilitator, I had a session with her last week. Wow, that was an absolutely amazing session, I got so many answers from my higher self and clarity on what to do next.

- Gerrit Bruwer, South Africa

Estelle conducted 4-5 chakra balancing sessions for my family members. I was completely impressed with her professionalism and customer service, not to mention the quality of her exquisite energy work. I highly recommend her service, as she exceeded my expectations every time.

- Riria Kira, New Zealand

Estelle is a wonderful person, and a very powerful energy worker! I received a lot of integrations and energetic shifts during our session together, and can't wait to book with her again soon

- Allison Glasser, USA

Having a session with Estelle is really transformative. She creates the perfect flow of energy through your physical and energy bodies which creates harmony in your physical world

- Carien Schoeman , South Africa

After my session with Estelle, I felt in a state of balance, and recharged and ENERGIZED in the areas of my chakra system that were previously feeling depleted

- Neil Maxwell , USA

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